Certified tests of a Database Management System «Oracle» version 10.2 under control of operational system IBM AIX 5.3 were completed. The Certificate of Compliance №2183 confirms: “Database Management System «Oracle» version  10.2 under control of operational system IBM AIX 5.3» (single copy), production of company Oracle Corporation, is a software of a general purpose with built-in protection against unauthorized access to the information which does not contain constitutes state secrets information, meets the technical requirements 5021-195-74921744-2010, can be used to create automated systems to a class of security 1G inclusive, in accordance with the requirements of the Guideline Document of FSTEK of Russia, “Automated systems. Unauthorized access protection. Automated Systems Classification and Information Security Requirements” (State Technical Commission, 1992) and to create personal data information systems to a class 2 inclusive.

Web site of the manufacturer: http://www.oracle.com/