Security evaluation

Active integration of information systems - one of the components helping to achieve organizational goals and objectives, led to the need to implement solutions for information security. Currently, there is a need for qualitative and quantitative assessment of the level of organizations and information systems security, as well as assessing the economic cost-effectiveness of information security.

The main purpose of a comprehensive security assessment (audit) is an independent assessment of information security according to the compliance with the requirements of guidelines for the protection of information, getting the results of the information security audit and providing with it the company management for taking into account when making decisions related to information security. ZAO "DOCUMENT SYSTEMS" conducts vulnerability assessment of information systems to confirm their compliance with the requirements of FSTEC of Russia guidelines, as well as the compliance with the requirements of international and national information security standards. The procedure of audit assesses the information security measures management as well as the effectiveness of security measures taken with the help of control testing tools, including the network scanning. As a result of audit recommendations are issued to bring the information systems and information security systems into line with the information security requirements.