ZAO "DOCUMENT SYSTEMS" was founded in December, 1996.

We provide such services as:

  • Audit and assessment of information systems of any complicacy;
  • Security architecture design and development;
  • IT-security evaluation and testing in accordance with the FSTEC of Russia;
  • Compliance and certification testing for IT products and secure premises, ensuring that they are compliant with the confidential data protection requirements;
  • Performing as a testing and evaluation lab under "GAZPROMSERT" voluntary products and services certification system;
  • Performing as a testing and evaluation lab under "ITSERTIFICA" voluntary IT products certification system; 
  • Consulting security services;
  • Adaptation of cutting-edge information technologies to certain conditions of customer activity and Russian legislation;
  • Distribution and integration of IT security products;
  • Maintenance of cryptographic products.

Certificates FSTECCertificates «GAZPROMCERT»

  • The products, certified in our lab:

    • Cisco ASA 5505 (Software Cisco ASA Version 8.3(1)), FSTEC certificate №2457
    • IBM Proventia Management SiteProtector 2.0 SP 8.1, FSTEC certificate №2445
    • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 Standard, Enterprise Edition, FSTEC certificate №2438
    • Complex of software of means of information security «Сфера» for application in АРАС УВД «АЛЬФА», FSTEC certificate №2437
    • Cisco 7201 (Software Cisco IOS Version 15.0.1M5), FSTEC certificate №2431
    • Cisco 3925 (Software Cisco IOS Version 15.1(4)M, release (fc1)), FSTEC certificate №2430
    • Cisco Catalyst 3560 (Software Cisco IOS Version 12.2(55)SE1, release (fc1)), FSTEC certificate №2429
    • Cisco Catalyst 6504 (Software Cisco IOS Version 12.2(33)SXI6, release (fc4)), FSTEC certificate №2427
    • IBM Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (модели GX4004-V2, GX5008-V2, GX5108-V2, GX5208-V2, GX6116) Software firmware 4.1, FSTEC certificate №2426
    • Cisco Catalyst 3560V2 (Software Cisco IOS Version 12.2(55)SE1, release (fc1)), FSTEC certificate №2424
    • ....

    Certificates FSTEC

  • The following products which were certified in our lab got «GAZPROMCERT» certificates:

    • Perimentrix SafeEdge v. 2.5, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00146
    • Symantec Information Manager v. 4.7, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00125
    • Symantec Netbackup v. 7.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00124
    • Symantec Data Loss Protection v. 10.5, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00123
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection v. 11.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00122
    • Symantec Critical System Protection Server Edition v. 5.2, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00121
    • Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite v. 6.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00116
    • Program complex of entrusted loading "EFRОS Config Inspector" v.2.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00113 
    • ....

    Certificates «GAZPROMCERT»