GAZPROMCERT certified products

Certificates «GAZPROMSERT» were issued in the following products passed certification evaluation in our laboratory:

  • Perimentrix SafeEdge v. 2.5, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00146
  • Symantec Information Manager v. 4.7, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00125
  • Symantec Netbackup v. 7.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00124
  • Symantec Data Loss Protection v. 10.5, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00123
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection v. 11.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00122
  • Symantec Critical System Protection Server Edition v. 5.2, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00121
  • Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite v. 6.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00116
  • Program complex of entrusted loading "EFRОS Config Inspector" v.2.0, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00113
  • Program part of hardware-software complex of entrusted loading “Blokhost MDZ”, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate ГО00.RU.1313.С00111
  • Information protection facility in structure: WEBSENSE WEB SECURITY GATEWAY version 7.1, WEBSENSE DATA SECURITY SUITE version 7.1, WEBSENSE EMAIL SECURITY version 7.1, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate  ГО00.RU.1313.С00108 
  • System of control and audit of printing PrintControl v.2.4, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate  ГО00.RU.1313.С00102 
  • Software GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform, consisting from GuardianEdge Device Control, GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption, GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate  ГО00.RU.1313.С00095
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0.1 Application Server, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00089
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0.2 Application Server, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00088
  • Oracle Database 10g_1, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00087
  • Oracle Database 10g_2, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00086
  • «HP Data Protector (for Windows)», v. 6,  «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00081 
  • «HP Operations Manager for Windows», v. 8,  «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00080 
  • «HP Network Node Manager (for Windows)», v. 7, «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00079 
  • «HP Service Manager (for Windows), v. 7,  «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00078
  • CORAL Flexicom (series: R200, R500, R800, R3000, R4000, 5000, 6000) and CORAL-R (series: Р200, Р500, Р800, Р3000, Р4000, Р5000, Р6000, Corallev-10000), v. 15.84»,  «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00049
  • Analytic software complex «Prognoz-5», «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.C00078
  • «InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 3.1», «GAZPROMCERT» certificate №GO00.RU.1313.H00042
  • etc.

Full register of certificates issued a voluntary certification system «GAZPROMSERT» № ROSS RU.3022.04GO00