Private data

Our company offers the following range of services for providing private data security:

  • survey of customer personal data systems;
  • drafting of the work plan for bringing the personal data processing in accordance with the requirements of the law (it includes obtaining reliable information on the personal data structure and processing, forming recommendations for reducing the risk of punitive sanctions from the regulators);
  • designing a system for personal data protection;
  • obtaining compliance with the requirements of regulators for construction procedure of the personal data information systems (it includes developing a set of necessary documentation for the implementation and operation of the system for personal data protection);
  • integration of personal data protection system;
  • obtaining compliance with the requirements of regulators for the procedure of personal data protection (it includes integration of previously developed technical solutions for personal data protection);
  • assessment of personal data protection according to the requirements of legislation;
  • independent expert report on the compliance with the legislation requirements for personal data protection;
  • control of the security of personal data systems;
  • integrity confirmation of the security of data protection systems (compliance assessment). Detection of changes in personal data system, which can lead to the loss of the required per-sonal data protection level, development of proposals for security system adjusting;
  • preparation for obtaining FSTEC of Russia license;
  • assistance in bringing the information systems and customer documentation in line with the FSTEC of Russia license requirements;
  • attestation of information systems for processing of personal data
    confirmation that the personal data systems of the 1st and 2nd classes meet the requirements of state standards, FSTEC (Technical Commission) of Russia guidelines and instructions;
  • specialist training;
  • increasing awareness and knowledge among the staff of the client company in the field of personal data protection.