Attestation of information systems


In accordance with the requirements for the protection of confidential information for its processing (discussion) information products should be certified in order to meet the FSTEC of Russia guidelines requirements for information security. The attestation of information systems refers to a wide range of organizational and technical measures for confirming that the product meets the requirements of standards and other guideline documents for information security, approved by FSTEC of Russia.

Types of assessed products

The assessed products are the following:

  • information systems of various levels and purpose for confidential information processing;
  • protected premises, i.e. premises (offices, assembly, conference halls, etc.), designed for confidential activities (meetings, discussions, conferences, talks, etc.).

The procedure of assessment

ZAO “DOCUMENT SYSTEMS” performs evaluation testing for the compliance with the information security requirements of a wide range of information products, from independent workstations to complex distributed enterprise computing networks. As a result of certification meeting the FSTEC of Russia requirements for information security the "Certificate of conformity" of information system (or protected premises) is issued.